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jared campbell

Jared Campbell was born in Indiana, but did most of his growing up in California. His interest in languages, history and culture led to fantastic worlds of fiction in the books he read. With the love for reading sprouted his desire to begin writing and creating his own stories.

Jared is currently serving in the United States military and is stationed in Germany. He enjoys traveling the world with his wife and three kids. His writing is based off of the inspiration he gathers from his journeys abroad.

savannah campbell

​Savannah Campbell was born, raised and currently lives in Kentucky. She grew up in the town of Prestonsburg in the eastern region of Kentucky and now lives in the central Kentucky city of Elizabethtown. She has always been a devoted reader and constant writer. She’s also always enjoyed people watching and finding stories in the unique ways others may live in the world. Savannah loves watching movies, listening to music, photography and spending time with her close friends and family. She hopes to travel more in her future, including every state in the USA and throughout Europe to expand her experiences and find more details and stories in the world to tell.

Savannah is the author of Dreamer, a psychological look into lucid dreaming.

chris nicholas

Chris Nicholas lives in Brisbane, Australia. An aggressively creative writer, he draws inspiration from all forms of creative art: from literature, to music, to film and beyond.

With a love for consuming texts that challenge the status quo, Chris strives to inspire social change through his work. He is currently working toward a degree in Journalism and runs a successful blog, although he admits that his studies and blogging can be somewhat neglected when he is working on a manuscript.

Chris is the author of Midas, the first in a four-book series featuring his protagonist, Jason Dark.


Born Bradley James Yellop in London, Brad was a prolific reader from a young age. He always possessed the ability – even whilst playing with friends and siblings as a child – to create his own Universe of characters and worlds, into which he would later adopt characters.

Having been highly moved and affected by the marked social injustice that has become glaring in the light of the recent recession, his musings converted to verse and poetry, as art is often the most subjective way to study the mood of the world.

Brad’s active imagination has influenced him throughout his life, leading to the genesis of his novel, The Fate of Orital: Volume One: The Return of the Mighty Ones, which is nearing completion. Brad is the author of Reality Bytes, and is currently developing films in the UK.


Miles Kohl

Miles Kohl is a science fiction and fantasy writer. He lives in Texas with his wife, Franchesca, and their two dogs, Jada (a drama queen Beagle-Shepherd mix) and Max (the old curmudgeon of the Yorkie world). Miles is a teacher and enjoys reading, history, rugby and chess.

Miles Kohl is the Author of the 2513 book series.

K. D. Delgado
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charles e.j. moulton

Charles E.J. Moulton is the Editor-in-Chief of “The Creativity Webzine.” He has had over 100 literary pieces published in international magazines, has posted nearly 200 pieces in open websites and is currently working on a novel. Charles has contributed to The Screech Owl, Asylum Ink, Cheap Jack Pulp, Contemporary Literary Review India, SNM, TWJ, Paradigm Shift, Shadows Express, Aphelion, Skirmish, Idea Gems, Shadows Express, Redhead, The Woven Tale Press, Socrates, Blood Moon Rising, Indiana Voice Journal and the Swedish magazine Barometern. In addition, Charles has been a stage performer since age eleven. His trilingual, artistic upbringing has lead to 111 stage productions to date, countless cross-over concerts, work in dramatic and a vocal coaching, as the big band vocalist of The J.R. Swing Connection and concert work with The Charming Boys, The Charles Moulton Band, The NPW Philharmonic Orchestra, Mother’s Darling and The 4-Men Trio. Among his stage roles are Scar in The Lion King, Masetto in Don Giovanni and Young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Mr. Moulton is married and has a daughter.

aaron meizius

Aaron Meizius was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. At the early age of 12, Aaron wrote his first short story. He continued to write regularly – both poetry and prose – until joining the Army shortly after his 19th birthday. While serving on active duty in the military, he founded a small book publishing company, Meizius Publishing, with the dream of eventually rejuvenating his lost love of writing and publishing his own work. The company has since grown to include works by more than a dozen authors and artists, including Grey Matter: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Digest, which Aaron began putting together in February 2015.

 Aaron lives with his wife and two children.

 Lex Talionis is the first book in the Mens Rea series of legal thrillers.

Steven frost

Steven Frost grew up with a love of books. At the age of 10, his love of reading sparked his creativity in writing. He dabbles in several genres but, over the years, has found a passion for fantasy. Steven's military career has lead him all over the world, and he currently resides in Maryland with the loves of his life; his wife of 5 years and two young children. When Steven isn’t writing, he enjoys motorcycle rides, computer games and spoiling his two lazy cats.

Steven is the author of Warriors of Thane, the first of the Chronicles of Thenesia book series.

D. l. funk

Doreen Linda Funk was raised in Boggy Creek, Manitoba, where she spent many hours in nature hunting for spiders, frogs, tadpoles, and salamanders.

Doreen is certified in Early Childhood Education and works in a large daycare center in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She loves to "spark" curiosity of nature in children and was tired of seeing a stereotypical grandmother wearing an apron, staying home baking cookies all day. Who does that, really?

Doreen is the author of the Angel and Granny children's picture book series; the first book, The Broken Winged Butterfly, is now available.

K. D. Delgado

K. D. Delgado is a fantasy writer and children's book author. She was born in Arkansas, raised in Oklahoma, and now resides in Deep East Texas with her husband and four children. As a child, she always had a vivid imagination. She often felt like she had two lives. One here, in the present, and the other in a far off land on an adventure. Growing up, she enjoyed writing her adventures, but these were lost over time. As a mother, she now feels the need to share those adventures with her children, and the world.

K. D. Delgado is the Author of the Mesilithia book series and the children's book series, Kady and Ayla's Adventures.